jeans wilder

Spirit Club: slacker pop supergroup

Featuring Wavves, Sweet Valley and Jeans Wilder.

Week in Pop: The Casket Girls, Evil Eyes, Western Tink

Riding unicorns into our own indie pop World Series, bringing together a nation, and the world.

Week in Pop: Kleenrz, Liphemra, WEAVE!

The week's official leaks and post-holiday album streams.

The Best Music of June 2012

The beautiful independent life is the one we live and the one we love.

Jeans Wilder's “Guadalajara, 1997”

The weird and wild world of M2, a short-lived music video paradise.

Jeans Wilder, “Spanish Tile”

What the So Cal scene would sound like had Beth and Nathan never happened.

Week in Pop: Dark Materials, Jeans Wilder, Onuinu

Exploring the the week's pop overload.

Jeans Wilder, “In My Dreams”

A crooner, in technicolor

La Station Radar and Beko DSL new comp

Not everything that can blow your mind is this free.

I listened to this Norse Horse song 6 times in a row

La Station Radar pumps out two more installments of liquid gold.

Sorority Row, Dead By 27

Cop a feel of what was Pink Priest vs. Jeans Wilder.

La Station Radar

More Frenchies releasing the best the American/Canadian/UK underground has to offer.

Atelier Ciseaux

François Virot, Lucky Dragons, Best Coast, Jeans Wilder, U.S. Girls, Terror Bird.

La Station Radar's epic compilation

25 of the planet's best experimental pop, garage, ambien-crunchers, one pile-on.

Best Coast/Jeans Wilder split 7″

jeans wilder

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