jerry paper

Jerry Paper, “Comma for Cow”

A lonely ode to a cartoon cow from the synth ace’s new LP.

Week in Pop: Baseball Gregg, Elijah, Rachel Mason, Warm Deltas

Dreamboy, Foreign/National, Go Dark, Lucky + Love, Reduction Plan, Ronnie Heart, guested by MUNA.

Best of Underground America 2015

For this gallery, we celebrate the best images taken at underground shows across the US.

TOPS, Puro Instinct, and Jerry Paper at Music Hall of Williamsburg

Montreal’s TOPS performed with Los Angeles’ Puro Instinct and Jerry Paper, before he moves to LA.

Mac DeMarco and Jerry Paper at Bowery Ballroom

A string of sold out shows kicks off here!

Walter TV, “Surf Metal”

A CGI-fueled trip down into uncanny valley.

Jerry Paper, “Halfway Zen”

Jerry Paper’s purple robe is finally in its natural environment.

Five cities in Japan with Homeshake

Homeshake tour Japan with Jerry Paper and Eola in January 2015 and captured their time there on film.

Week in Pop: Boys Age, Cabana, Field Mouse, My Body, PowwowW

Bermuda Bonnie, David Ellis, Michelle Blades, Null, Shodé Non,  guest selections by Jerry Paper.

Yumi Zouma, Future of What, and Jerry Paper at Cameo Gallery

We spent Friday the 13th with Yumi Zouma, Future of What and Jerry Paper at Cameo. Wasn’t scary at all.

Jerry Paper, “Halfway Zen”

Lucas Nathan keeps it weird.

Week in Pop: ADVAETA, Dead Waves, Heart Beach, The Myrrors

EMEFE, GABI, Portable Sunsets, POW!, Terrace, co-curated by Told Slant.

Jerry Paper, “Destroy”

A new song and a rather unique promo video.

Jerry Paper, “Real. Now. Love.”

Lurching around Jerry Paper’s psychedelic apartment.

Festival NRMAL announces 2015 lineup

Saturday February 28 and Sunday, March 1 in Mexico City

jerry paper

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