king dude

Wimps, “Distraction”

Making their MO infection pop and melancholy.

King Woman, “Dove”

Kristina Esfandiari of Miserable and Whirr takes a solo flight.

Ghost and King Dude at Vic Theatre

Imposition tour veteran King Dude joins Ghost for a show in Chicago.

King Dude's own words on upcoming LP, new video, and US tour.

I had one crystal clear intention—to make the most horrifying music I could.

The 2014 Imposition Tour

On our way to Austin.

All ages in Olympia and adults only in Portland

Inked by Shannon Perry in the Actual Pain loft and wandering down a sassy K-hole.

La Luz, King Dude, Skrill Meadow, Krill, and Ava Luna in Olympia

Lucifer at an all-ages venue.

On tour in Seattle

It's just as you'd expect; shopping for records and tattoos.

Tour Begins: Seattle for Sub Pop & a night at the Black Lodge

The Sub Pop office tour, buying weed from bigfoot, and lingering Lynchian contexts.

King Dude, Krill and Run Forever at the Black Lodge

And a chance encounter with Channing Kratom.

King Dude & Chelsea Wolfe, “Be Free”

These two are back to their haunting ways.

The Most Popular Stories of 2013

Predictability may be sacred, but our readers saw past the porno and joint-rolling this year.

Azar Swan head west

Armed with three cameras, Zohra of Azar Swan tours the west coast for six shows.

King Dude, Scout Pare-Phillips, and Dreadlords at Saint Vitus

Having a drink with King Dude seems like the best way to spend a Sunday night.

King Dude, “Born In Blood”

Dusting off the old noise for a second revivalist go-around.

king dude

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