Krill, “Tiger”

A bizarre tale of love, loss, and the common quotidian struggle. Very Krill.

The cult of Krill

It’s perfectly mundane, and not everyone gets it. Then again, not everyone is a Krill fan.

Pile, Krill, Swings, and Baked at Shea Stadium

Pile. Pile. Pile. Pile. Pile. Pile. Pile? Pile!!!

The Most Anticipated Albums of 2015

Now we play the waiting game.

The Best Splits, Compilations & Collaborations of 2014

In 2014, we saw unprecedented levels of interaction and team work.

Week in Pop: CityCop, D.Wing, Geographer, Sky Picnic, Thrillers

With Adam Snow, Cave People, Folding Legs, Friend Roulette, Mayflower Madame, & Quarterbacks.

Krill announce new LP with “Torturer” single

One of a krillion reasons to be excited.

Kenny Segal, “Post-Traumatic Tour Syndrome Mix”

An ode to those days on the road with Busdriver and milo.

The Best Shows of CMJ 2014

Someone needed to get Type A about these scheduling conflicts.

Krill, “Peanut Butter”

Hope no one’s allergic.

Krill, “Peanut Butter”

Krill tackles a sticky situation.

Big Neck Police is the trifecta we’ve all been waiting for

Still wondering if we should’ve thrown a Goiter Squad joke in there.

Stream Mannequin Pussy’s Gypsy Pervert

Good news brought to you by the ghost of garage rock future.

We Gchatted with Krill’s ex-drummer about brunch

And premiering their first single, “Sea Toad”.

milo announces official debut, A Toothpaste Suburb

An album about a very real place, as illustrated in his short film Up From Sloth.


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