Paradise of Bachelors

The label co-owners reflect on how, “In some essential way, Terry Allen is our aesthetic.”

Giant Claw, “Dark Web 002”

The Orange Milk founder mines the depths of the deep web for a new direction.

Loglady Records

Taking the relationship to the next level: birthing a record label.

Porter Records

Download a triple LP's worth of their newer releases.

Dais Records

Releasing the group that birthed Throbbing Gristle, and also Sasha Grey's first LP.

Leaving Records

The LA tape label behind some of today's best outer pop, hip hop, and head music.

Royal Rhino Flying Records

Killing it with the label, also totally interested in that job position.

Moon Glyph

Northern purveyors of the psychedelic and the bizarre. Get the sampler.

No Kings Tape Cadre

Nashville vs. Echo Park. Gnarl vs. Pizazz. Get your digital sampler in here.


1970s minimal synth and 2009 cold wave live, in Rome.

Holy Cheever Church

I bust cuz I care.

Cyclopean Records

Iron Age's imprint makes music that will crush people.

La Station Radar

More Frenchies releasing the best the American/Canadian/UK underground has to offer.

Atelier Ciseaux

François Virot, Lucky Dragons, Best Coast, Jeans Wilder, U.S. Girls, Terror Bird.

Sixteen Tambourines Records

Japan releases American Underground gems.


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