Steel Tipped Dove, try another thing, for instance beat tape

Beyond the pale of instrumental hip hop.

Video Countdown with Homeboy Sandman, Kool A.D. & Nocando

The Top 3… because we feel like it.

Lakutis, Three Seashells

Dropped without warning.

Weekend Money, “Clockworkin'”

Round the clock trapping with Ne$$ and Baghdad.

Hot Sugar ft. Antwon, Lakutis, Big Baby Gandhi, “Mama, I'm a Man”

Dispatches from Hot Sugar's imagination of gold.

Week in Pop: Brandt Brauer Frick, DVA, Gloom Balloon

Reports from Berlin, Czech Republic, Iowa, and Louisiana, with support from Soul Glimpse.

Stream: Hot Sugar's Made Man EP

An EP chock full of all-stars like Open Mike Eagle, Kool A.d. and Antwon.

Hot Sugar, “Zanny Bath” (feat. Bill Ding)

Hot Sugar's new EP drops next week.

Hot Sugar, “Leverage” (feat. Kool A.D., Fat Tony, Lakutis, Nasty Nigel)

Abandoned beach side rap that embodies the The Firm's "Phone Tap", only doper.

Steel Tipped Dove's & A Whole Bunch Of Crazy Motherfuckers 1

NYC-based producer enlists crazy mo-fos like Open Mike Eagle, Big Baby Gandhi, and Lakutis.

Le1f, “Spa Day”

Sweat out the toxins.

Lakutis, “2 Ill For The Law”

The Queens rapper burns Presidents and gives a middle finger to the police state.

Heems, Lez Zeppelin and Prince Rama at Brooklyn Museum

We spent the first Saturday of 2013 with Heems, Lez Zeppelin and Prince Rama.

Self Titled Magazine’s Release Party at The Flat

Self Titled magazine presents a free show at The Flat with an all Greedhead lineup.

Meyhem Lauren, Lakutis, Big Baby Gandhi, Spit Gemz and more at Public Assembly

Respecting the fly shit with Meyhem Lauren and a bunch of other rappers.


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