Week in Pop: Decorations, LUKA, Pastel

Savoy Motel, Small Million, South of France, ft. guest selections by Maria Usbeck.

Shelf Life, “The Curse”

Bedroom pop on steroids.

Weed, “Yr Songs”

Questionably sad, or questionably uplifting.

Weed, “Stay in the Summer”

The crux of nostalgia.

Week in Pop: Drew Price, Holly Waxwing, Memory Maze, Moniquea

Andrea Balency, Bad Blocks, Bad//Dreems, Mall Walk, Split/Red, co-curated by Flowers.

Absolutely Free, “Vision’s”

A new single with a big pop drive, plus an extensive US tour.

Orchid Tapes announces Mister Lies album

The first single understands the difference between Neon Golden and Give Up.

Absolutely Free, “Beneath The Air”

Beam us up, beam us down.

Week in Pop: Animal Eyes, Happy You, The Jungle

Bruce Smear, Caleb Nichols, Unstoppable Death Machines, co-curated by La Hell Gang.

Teen Daze's Summer Mix for Room 516

Ain't no chillwave on this hot summer mix.

A Sunny Day in Glasgow, “Bye Bye Big Ocean”

The second single favors texture over interpretation.

French For Rabbits, “Goat”

Taking us to the meadow to reflect.

A Sunny Day in Glasgow, “In Love with Useless”

(The Timeless Geometry In The Tradition Of Passing)

Deadphones, “Somnambulator”

Walking in dreams, walking after midnight, & walking while asleep.

Year in Pop: 2013

2013 revisited at a glance.


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