The Mantles, “Doorframe”

A coolly assured paean to the still life.

Week in Pop: Intimatchine, Jordannah, Plush, Voice Coils, Web of Sunsets

Ancient River, J Fernandez, Oddly Even, Omega Swan, with guest selections from Downtown Boys.

LEGS and Throw Vision at Mercury Lounge

Reaching a new Altitud, LEGS performs with Throw Vision at Mercury Lounge.

Leisure Cruise, LEGS, and Dinowalrus at Rough Trade NYC

Leisure Cruise are David Hodge (of Broken Social Scene) and Leah Siegel (Firehorse) and will tour with Stars in early March.

Oakland’s Puzzled

An Oakland twee band with a Street Fighter initiation ritual.

Legs' Jeffrey Harland interprets Michael Beach

A Bay Area edition addressing a recurring vertigo dream and class struggle.

Week in Pop: A Grave With No Name, Dead Times, Four Visions, Jarren Benton, Metaform, Pinegrove

Artists on album trilogies, home recorded pop processes, and riding with the Funk Volume.

Things We Are Into by Legs

The Oakland band is down with board games, prank calls, and veggie burgers.

Week in Pop: Electric Eye, Gene the Southern Child x Parallel Thought, The Mantles, Princess Century

Putting the red-and-blue-lens glasses on to analyze the indie pop world in all 3 dimensions.


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