lil b

Week in Pop: Harlem Sekani, POW!, Sabba Rabba

Rising Harlem producers, San Francisco situationists, & catching up with Eilam Wolman.

#Hashtag Boost: The Internet Poetics of Steve Roggenbuck

#Boosting the world, one poetic tweet at a time.

Pitchfork Music Festival 2013: Day 3

R. Kelly played a 38 song set list. How many R. Kelly songs can you name?

The Pitchfork Music Festival (as told through R. Kelly’s 38-song set list)

We can end journalism now since it will never be any better than this.

4Knots After Party: Lil B, Clams Casino and Keyboard Kid at Music Hall of Williamsburg

Lil B told the audience that Keke said hi. Keke is his cat. He also told us he loves us.

Lil B vs. Joey Bada$$

Stuck in the 90s vs. stuck on stupid. There can be no ethers.

Week in Pop: Doctor Magnum, The Embassy, The History of Colour TV, Lovely Bad Things, Nervous Nellie, Young Boys

Summing up all the weekly good things, bad things, great things, & indie pop things.

The full recording of Lil B's unscripted talk at NYU

For your #BASED Friday.

Star Slinger and The Pack

How awesome would Bitch Mob letterman jackets be?

Week in Pop: First Person Shootr, RxGibbs, Sugar Tongue Slip

Gorging ourselves on the pre-game Week in Pop excesses.

Nem270's Desktop Pain

UUU Tapes gains access to the Bosnian producer's vaults and goes on a pillaging spree.


If Beyoncé can teach P.E. with Michelle Obama, maybe Lil B can do sex-ed.

Lil B's Black Flame mixtape

Based God is bout it bout it.

Maybe the best Lil B video ever

Adding years to the meaning of "based for life."

Main Attrakionz with anotha one

Joining the ranks of the Bay's most prolific musicians.

lil b

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