Lil Wayne

Tupac biopic to be written by Tupac's hologram, and other music news

Here's what you've been missing while pounding beers at SxSW.

The New York vs. New Orleans Edition

New York rap giants go up against some not-so saintly New Orleans rappers.

Week in Pop: Dag Savage (Exile & Johaz), Dark Colour, Jason Lytle & Sea of Bees

Don't cry bro, we got all the turkey leftovers and Thanksgiving hits you can handle.

OFWGKTA Carnival: Trash Talk and Odd Future at Club Nokia

Odd Future threw an actual carnival last weekend. They also performed with Trash Talk that night.

Raekwon, Lil Wayne and Jay-Z duke it out

Read on to see who claims that #1 spot on this week's Top 5.

The Top 5 ain't no joke.

Poetry Presidents of yesteryear say hello to Kendrick Lamar.

SP-33, These Moments EP

Washing away the grime with rain samples.

The 200 most average releases of 2011

You know we're right.

BLANKS_09: Major Lazer>> James Blake>> Richelle>> The Weeknd

Chrissy Murderbot>> LOL Boys>> Big Sean>> Major Lazer

Lil Wayne, Sorry 4 The Wait

We're screaming, "Tunechi's Back!!!!!!!!!"

Lloyd's radio-friendly “Dedication”

The pop song with a baker's dozen of pussys.

Young Jeezy, The Real Is Back

While we wait for the heat wave, Jeezy prepares a summer snowstorm.

Tearist make a wager

You play me a video/song better than this, and I will cut all my hair off.

Super bummed that T Lopez is Cash Money's next move

From Nicki Minaj to J Lo lite in one release cycle.

The best music of March 2011

It was a good month to tune in.

Lil Wayne

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