What to read (right now) XXXV: EGGS by PUJOL

Yeah that PUJOL. It's a contrast to his other nasty, brutishly short work.

Q&A w/ Mel Bosworth, author of Freight

It all ends with pancakes.

What to listen to right now XXXII: Other People Podcast with Brad Listi

Literary life marginalia in audio form.

What to read (right now) XXX: 15 views of Orlando

Making Orlando more than a mousetrap.

Authors are most definitely not hot. Or glamorous.

Why Canteen Mag's Hot Author series doesn't work.

Genre is a dirty word

No one likes too much inbreeding.

What to read (right now) XXVIII: #PoetrybyEmilyDickinson

Not a revival, but a co-option.

The Tao Lin 'New Novel' Hype

An 'exclusive' question to end the silence.

What to read right now XXVI: The Consumed Guide

Classic Robert Christgau remixed.

Is Tao legit now?

Tao Lin gets an agent.

What To Read Right Now XXV: Bar Room Fiction

Route 9, Grey's Anatomy Fan Fiction & KGB Bar.

Catcher at 60: Outside the White

If the white outsider is now outside isn’t that the point of being an outsider?

Q&A with Brian Oliu

Creative Craigslist writing.

What To Read Right Now XXIV: Poker with Colson Whitehead

Get a poker handle like the old masters.

Blake Butler's submission wisdom

"Start a successful lit blog" was not on the list.

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