What to read (right now) XXIII: The Pale King Ch. 5

Check this chapter at least of David Foster Wallace's last book.

What to read (yesterday) XXII: Summer Hot Mess

Stealing cars, getting lost, losing minds.

Revolution will be Tumbl'd

Steve Roggenbuck's internet poetry manifesto.

What to read (right now) XXI: Pop Serial Issue 2

Really capturing 'something.'

What to read (right now) XX: L.A. Noire

The video game (!) tries to get people to read, not just play with pixels.

Q&A with Alina Simone, author of You Must Go and Win

If the whole thing “seems kind of odd” it’s because it WAS very odd.

Literary lineage of Earl Sweatshirt

Earl's dad is an internationally renowned poet.

What to read (right now) XVII

Featuring stuff from Richard Chiem.

How addicted to drugs is Tao Lin?

Very, according to HRO commenters.

Tim Kinsella's book

Something new for ppl to be nostalgic about.

What to read (right now) XVI

May is short story month and Matt Bell is its #1 promoter.

The literary totebag breakdown

You are probably exciting to make out with.

Q&A with Noah Cicero, author of Best Behavior

There is no positive reinforcement in American literature to think about one's life.

What to read (right now) XV

Find your way to Dark Sky.

That one one-book store

Yeah, that one. You know the one.

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