Codex Gchat: The Art of Fielding

Somewhere Westish of Melville.

Q&A with Frank Hinton, I Don't Respect Female Expression

And Frank founded Metazen too.

HBO scoops up another author

Pretty soon novelists will just skip this whole book thing altogether.

Just read this one chapter of Ulysses and you're good

So stop sweating it out and drink the Guinness proudly.

What to read (right now) VI

Rin Tin Tin on Jackie Warner's dying ficus.

What to read (right now) V

Burlap sacks and the Titanic, that underground bomb shelter and becoming Polish.

What to read right now IV

Cat-Dog, it's Cat-Dog!

The 8-Bit Great Gatsby

Knock down some waiters with your boomerang hat.

I Write Like: Literature finally gets a meme!

Literature has a meme. It just took a Russian software programmer to do it.

Lit Randomness: Batwoman has a secret!

What will Batman and Robin think?

The BEA: Books Exposing themselves in America

Not only for indie bookstores and bathroom stalls.

Lit Randomness: Burroughs vs. Don Draper, Stealing from Danielle Steel, more

The only things I've been reading lately are the works of Josh Smith, LeBron James and Kevin Durant in the NBA Playoffs–pure poetry. But here are a few things I found:

Quick Questions with Zachary German

Zachary German's most recent book is about a guy named Robert and the things Robert does. Robert often plays music, eats arugula and feeds his cat. On occasion, Robert will leave his house.

Lit Randomness: iPad, Pamela Ribon, Lorrie Moore, AWP recap

My friend Billy is the only person I know with both an iPad and a Kindle. I asked him if he would still use his Kindle. "Josh," he said, "I saw the Kindle from the cradle to the grave."


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