lou reed

Week in Pop: Hoop, Sabri, Sarah Clanton

The Honey Toads, John Moods, Luna Honey, The Parlor, guest selections by Exitmusic.

Week in Pop: Donovan Blanc, False Priest, Old Smile, Pie Face Girls

Jasper Lee, Pastel Ghost, Unstoppable Death Machines, guest selections by Communions.

Music for Nvdists

A playlist.

Bree’s “At Home” Playlist

Bree’s playlist.

Remake/Remodel: John Cale’s New Music for a New Society

The Velvet Underground cofounder and collaborators Jonathan Richman and Chris Spedding discuss Music for a New Society, and its update, M:FANS.

Week in Pop: El Hollín, Paperhaus, The Splits, ZEMA

AJ Pantaleo, Algiers, Inner Islands, co-curated by Small Wonder.

Al Lover, “Motocycle Music” Mix

Dedicated to his pops, Al Lover has a theory on how he became a psych-rap producer.

More than a Burger mascot: Gabe Fulvimar of Gap Dream

Don't let the press pics cheapen your interpretation of his psychedelic oeuvre.

MLTD, Born Ruined

The EP you waited all year for arrives before Xmas.

Kyle Handley of The Memories talks Burger's White Light/White Heat tribute

The Portland musician offers insight on covering the comedy of Waldo Jeffers.

DJ Dog Dick's “Inspired to the Max” mix

We are calling this one "Struttin' on the Bayou" music.

A history of the west with Ripley Johnson of Wooden Shjips

Recently moved to Portland, Johnson speaks on his new home and the legacy of Lou Reed.

Week in Pop: Chains of Love, Happy Noose, Indyns

Discussions, exclusives, with support from The Landing, and others.

October's Most Average Moments

October was not "verehhhhh nice" but let's REFLEKT on it anyway.

Remembering Lou Reed, the vegan restaurant patron

He might have butted heads with Lester Bangs types, but he treated service with respect.

lou reed

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