The Man, “Accordion” (Madvillain cover)

A Madvillain cover with 100 percent less accordion and more sax.

Guided by Voices and Bobby Bare Jr. at Headliners Music Hall

GBV formed 31 years ago and is still going strong.

Caught A Ghost at Zanzabar

Singer/songwriter/producer Jesse Nolan brings his project, Caught A Ghost, to Louisville.

Forecastle Festival 2014: Day 3

All things must come to an end, including Louisville’s Forecastle Festival.

Cropped Out announces insane lineup for year V

Marking the first time you’ll ever say, ‘I can’t wait to go to Kentucky!’

Forecastle Festival 2014: Day 2

A reunited Slint perform at a festival in their hometown of Louisville, among well-known acts.

Forecastle Festival 2014: Day 1

Forecastle Festival’s initial year was in 2002.

Andrew Rinehart EP release party at Haymarket Whiskey Bar

Andrew Sellers debuts a new project and new identity.

Neon Trees and Nightmare and the Cat at Fourth Street Live!

Which came first? The nightmare or the cat? We’d really like to know.

White Reaper, Nerves Junior and Sea Hero at Haymarket Whiskey Bar

White Reaper celebrates a tour and their record that is released in late June 2014.

Mono and Young Widows at Headliners Music Hall

Photos of Mono and Young Widows performing in Louisville at Headliners Music Hall.

Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra at Headliners Music Hall

Montreal's Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra perform in Louisville.

Slint at Nelligan Hall

Slint reissued "Spiderland" & performed an intimate show in their hometown of Louisville.

D'Arkestra and Shutaro Noguchi at Dreamland Theater

D'Arkestra celebrates the release of "Little Voices" with a show in their hometown.

The Pass, Nerves Junior, and Southwork at Zanzabar

The Pass release a 7" and perform at Zanzabar in Louisville, KY.


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