Life in the Service Industry

Lushes left the straight world and regret nothing.

Lushes, “Low Hanging Fruit” (SHRAF Remix)

Low hanging hardware.

Week in Pop: Ana Lola Roman, Apollo Brown, IOLA, Violent Mae

Asante Phenix, Dr. Boogie, GRMLN, GT, PUJOL, Steve Hauschildt, guest selections by Illa J.

Week in Pop: Dead Soft, Is/Is, Lazy Knuckles, Pretend, Pre-Willy

EROK, Mall Walk, Preston Spurlock, Workman Song, ft.  guest selections by Dâm-Funk.

Week in Pop: The Black Ryder, Blasteroid, Pagiins, Solvey, Threading

Daddy, El Tryptophan, Jesus Sons, New Move, Xarah Dion, guest selections by Fielded.

Week in Pop: Babysitter, Gagarin, Mother Room, Reservations

Cancellieri, Gary Wilson, Liphemra, Middle Ocean, Pet Lions, Steve Taylor, & Renny Wilson guest stars.

Bass Drum of Death, Mitski, Sundelles, and Lushes at Glasslands Gallery

So long and thanks for all the great shows, like this one, Glasslands Gallery.

Week in Pop: Drew Price, Holly Waxwing, Memory Maze, Moniquea

Andrea Balency, Bad Blocks, Bad//Dreems, Mall Walk, Split/Red, co-curated by Flowers.

Dead Meadow, VietNam, and Lushes at Glasslands Gallery

The trio known as Dead Meadow return to Brooklyn for a show with VietNam & Lushes.

Lushes, “Harsh”

Harshing the slacker vibes and organic rhythm with sustained keys.


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