Manimal Vinyl

Chains of Love, “Misery Makers”

The heartbroken, the miserable, and the wallflowers united on the ballroom floor.

Pastel, “Hold Me”

Introducing the intimate embraces and audio architecture of Gabriel Brenner.

L.A. Witch, “Get Lost”

Get lost from yourself and soul, direct from the coven of this L.A. trio.

Week in Pop: Baby Baby, Creepoid, Shocking Pinks

With exclusives from Baby Blue, Charlie Green, Frame, & more.

Premiere: Barbarian, “Night On Earth”

Road thrills, nightfall chills, news of a new album on the way, and more.

Year in Pop: 2013

2013 revisited at a glance.

Trends, “Drive”

A love note to LA and Tom Cruise from Marina Paiz.

Shara Gibson, “Man Like You”

Huge sound acoustics bathed in oceanic sized emotions.

Week in Pop: A Million Billion Dying Suns, Dudley Perkins, Sam Martin

with exclusives and support from Aquariana, Jeremy & the Harlequins, Liquor Store, & River Tiber.

Service Bells, “Metropolis”

Take your time, discover the signs, and sign under the line.

Week in Pop: Chains of Love, Happy Noose, Indyns

Discussions, exclusives, with support from The Landing, and others.

Week in Pop: DeltaFoxx, Halo Circus, Whispertown

With supporting words and exclusives from Dom La Nena, The Golden Furs, and more.

Manimal celebrates seven years

Answering a few questions and dropping a free mixtape on us.

Week in Pop: Drew Price's Bermuda Triangle, Lonesome Leash, Mister Suit, Trends

Exclusives from Mr. Price, Walt McClements, Garrett Jones, Marina Paiz, & more.

Heliotropes, “Everyone Else”

A colorful party among a group of happy friends.

Manimal Vinyl

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