melted toys

Week in Pop: Big Bill, Dru Barnes, Step Sisters, Superflower, TW Walsh

Barleaux, Jae Franklin, Stronger Sex, Syvia, Tropical Horses, Witching Waves, ft. guestLushlife.

Week in Pop: Backwords, Empty Moon, Friend Roulette, Leisure, Lowbanks

Boy + Kite, Buscabulla, Shotty, Silk Rhodes, Vogue Dots, co-curated by Exray’s.

Love Cop, “Let’s Get High And Fuck” (ft. Emotional)

Sex music of the hypnotizing kind.

Melted Toys’ “Always”

The drippy track’s visual flashback to MS Paint line drawings.

Going Back in Time with Melted Toys

Enter San Francisco's secret weapon.

Week in Pop: Caroline Says, Le Rug, Napolian

With Dasher, Mister Suit, Sorceress, The Sour Notes, White Blush, & more.

Premiere: Emotional, “Pain 4 Pleasure”

A former shoegazer makes the sensible transition into lo-fi synth pop.

Noise Pop Day 2

4 venues, buckets of bands, 1 night, Day 2

Year in Pop 2011

The Year in Pop annual review.

Real Estate in San Francisco

Impose and Art Fag present: 3 Nites During the Con

Starts tonight!

Week in Pop: Jared Mees & the Grown Children, Sonny and the Sunsets, Melted Toys

Noise Pop hit SF, but the pop world kept spinning.

Noise Pop 2011 Day 3: Ted Leo, Melted Toys

Also: Film School, Apex Manor, more.

Wet Dream and Speculator at Silent Barn

With Melted Toys, Punks on Mars, and Eola.

melted toys

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