Showyousuck, “R.A.D. (1428 Elm St.)”

About this “my spirit animal is Mark McGrath” thing.

Cake & Cocktails with Cakes da Killa

Our attempt at being boozy Betty Crockers with the fierce and in-your-face Cakes da Killa.

Antwon drops second single from Heavy Hearted In Doldrums

Jam the first two singles in your fresh pair of "No Duh" boxing shorts.

Exploring Alien Body with Pictureplane

Talking the future of Pictureplane's Alien Body.

Perpetuating the real with Cities Aviv

Gavin Mays enlightens us on the finer and often overlooked elements in his music.

Cities Aviv, “URL IRL”

Gavin Mays is holding our hand while we realize our god-given potential.

Here's the lucky guy who won tickets to our Comic Con shows

He also gets a pretty sweet Mishka prize pack.

Week in Pop: Au Palais, Castle, Loveskills, Salvia Plath, Winter

Architectural audio, NC's new emcee, NYC dance re-skilled, altered states, Summer's coldest/coolest.

Meyhem Lauren, Mandatory Brunch Meetings

Do not show up to a Meyhem Lauren brunch with a wrinkled shirt and no name tag.

Juicing with Meyhem Lauren

The Queens rapper takes us to a juice bar for wheat grass shots and menstrual juice.

Xander Harris, Snow Crash

Channel your inner Hiro Protoganist.

Haleek Maul on the benefit of friends

The good times and dark times with his Barbados school mates.

Children of the Night's Shiny Suit Medley

Put your Rollies in the sky and wave'em side to side to these jams.

Toothy Wavy

Isaiah Toothtaker and Max B continue rap's America's most wanted lineage.

Kool A.D., 51

A mixtape recorded in the Bay Area with the regions' finest.


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