monofonus press

Week in Pop: Motel Pools, Pat Moon, RAINE

Babygirl, Fovea, Jónó Mí Ló, Spritzer, Vinyl Williams, Wildfires, guest selects by Adult Jazz.

At home with S U R V I V E

A peek inside personal studios of the Austin analog synth outfit.

Week in Pop: Bummer Vacation, Carl Creighton, Dinosaur Feathers, News For Lulu

Is/Is, Lazyeyes, Medicine, Solai, The Yetis, co-curated by Pictureplane.

Week in Pop: Junkboy, Lowercase Letters, The Rich Hands

Dissolve, Island Boy, Redinho, & more, co-curated by Crystal Ghost.

Spray Paint, “Rust Versus Rust”

Keeping Austin weirder.

Ghetto Ghouls, “Simple C”

A debut that captures the live set so you never have to miss out on the party.

Week in Pop: Hellogoodbye, Picastro, Spotlight Kid

With exclusives and support from Dead Fame, Liphemra, Sombear, Split Screens & more.

Bobsleigh Baby, “Improved”

Sharper, darker tones from overseas.

German Army, “Discrete Elements”

Prolific industrialists whose obscurity remains unobstructed in life without privacy.

Soft Healer, EP

A new four-song burner alongside some questions answered by the Austin aesthetes.

Holodeck Records

Five Austin musicians opted to go into the label business rather than shop their albums.

Debut: The Pheromoans, “Mountain Pass”

Thank you, big bleeding mess of garage.

Monofonus Press

Austin's classiest label's got Sun Araw, Shit and Shine, and a sick mix for YOU.

Monofonus' One Sider Series is a beaut

Featuring tracks from Soft Healer and Ex-Ex Model project Soft Encounters.

monofonus press

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