monster rally

Week in Pop: Friendless Summer, Jay Stone, Lady Lazarus

Crewdson, Deep Cuts, Houseplants, Holy Wave, guest selections by Fred Schneider.

Monster Rally & Jay Stone, “Recollection”

A tour of Jay Stone’s Oakland.

Cankun, “Words”

Remember 2011’s undocumented exotica phase?

Stream the SPF420 x Secret Songs Showcase from the Austin Imposition

Relive the night or feel it for the first time in a mastered format

The 2015 Austin Imposition

Come spend three nights with us in Texas.

Paradise Acquired: The story of Monster Rally & Jay Stone’s Foreign Pedestrians

The search is over.

The Most Anticipated Albums of 2015

Now we play the waiting game.

Monster Rally collaborates with Jay Stone on new LP

The Oakland rapper is the first to get an entire LP from the LA-by-way-of-Ohio producer.

Stream: Monster Rally, Sunflower EP

Take a trip to Japan with Monster Rally.

Paces Lift & Ben Bounce, “Hydraulic Auctioneer/Sol Walk”

A spaghetti western of break-beats and Morricone grit that harkens to Manifest Destiny.

The Best Albums of 2013

Don't look anywhere else—these are your best albums of the year.

Monster Rally, “Orchids”

Dancing around with Monster Rally in a bright, homemade paradise.

Gold Robot Records

The Oakland label that began in a communal warehouse and moved to a family man's basement.

The Best Music of October 2013

This month's releases are giving an assist in cuffing season.

Meanest Man Contest discuss re-recording “Throwing Away Broken Electronics”

Addressing the sophomore slump and breaking old TVs with bikini-clad school teachers.

monster rally

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