Moogfest 2016

In front of the fourth wall in Durham.

Behind the scenes at Moogfest 2016

Celebrating analog synths from behind the fourth wall.

Moses Sumney, “O Superman”

An improvised cover becomes a cyborg prayer.

2014 Festivals and Hype

Photographs from various festivals of all sizes in the US and abroad. Crowdsurfing not required.

Marley Carroll live at Moogfest

Hear the Asheville producer put on one hell of a show.

It takes an Army: Spending Moogfest with Egyptian Lover

In Asheville, the synth pioneer talks analog vs. digital and playing a record backwards, by hand.

Scenes from Moogfest 2014

Documenting the celebration of all things Robert Moog.

RBTS Win, “Stay Wavy”

The Asheville duo prove the natural world is all the psychedelics a body needs.

Dreamcatchers and Heatstroke: 17 Summer Fests Worth Your Dime

Wishing you a snake-free tenting experience.

Blondes, “Moogfest Mixes Vol. 13”

We tried to think of a good pun for moogin' and failed.

Premiere: Solvent, “King Vincent”

A sonic and visual tribute to Vincent Clarke.

Don't call it academic: an interview with Holly Herndon

The producer talks academic pursuits and the dangers of genre nostalgia.

“Who hears music, feels his solitude / Peopled at once” or Marley Carroll's Asheville

He left Los Angeles for a rural tourist town and he's never looked back.

Moogfest 2012: Day 2

Photos of the final day of Moogfest on 10/27.

Moogfest 2012: Day 1

Photos from the first day of Moogfest on Friday, 10/26.


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