Moon Glyph

Week in Pop: Backwords, Empty Moon, Friend Roulette, Leisure, Lowbanks

Boy + Kite, Buscabulla, Shotty, Silk Rhodes, Vogue Dots, co-curated by Exray’s.

Is/Is, “Before The Stars”

An invitation into an ethereal dream-world with their new album, Shadow Days.

Halasan Bazar and Tara King th., “Rot Inside”

60s style duets with a cinematic country twang.

Halasan Bazar, “Tin Foiled”

Jangly psych pop band does sun salutations.

Tender Meat, “Steppin Out”

Digitally rendered CGI visual effects from the Minneapolis duo’s audio textures.

Bill Baird, “Soggy Soul”

Bill Baird sticks his heart in a microwave, clothes in a bonfire.

Stream: Leisure Birds' Tetrahedron

Psyched out krautrock jams from Minneapolis.

Week in Pop: BB Guns, DoublePlusGood, Vial of Sound, The Young

AMBDS, A House For Lions, Metaform, Mod Gun, Ensemble Economique, co-curated by Black City Lights.

Stream 555's Nine Gates cassette

Celestial seduction from Food Pyramid's Chris Farstad.

Sativa Flats, “Internet” and “Cha Cha”

Strain-named band that explores keys and electro currents.

Oakland Roundtable with Moon Glyph, Gold Robot & Father/Daughter

Three boutique labels discuss Record Store Day, one-person operations, and masochism.

Dorval & Devereaux, “Hearing Wishes”

Weather's changing on a new electronic release from Moon Glyph

Leisure Birds, “Waveforms”

Space-wave formulations.

Premiere: Clipd Beaks, “Tied Sky”

A desert trip to an all-girl sun cult.

Premiere: Bill Baird, “Waited My Whole Life to Disappear”

A trip to India in reverse.

Moon Glyph

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