never waking up

The latest from the speakers of William Cody Watson

Welcome to world where Lil Ugly Mane and Lee Hazelwood fit into a playlist.

The Return to talk Earn, Wolf Eyes and Chief Keef

Among other things…

More Reasons Why 2011 Is Going To Shred

2011… A Year For Shredding Heads? Let's see why.

2011 is going to shred

Check out these records I think are going to shred your skull in 2011.

Let's talk about the Deftones

I wanna watch the way you creep across my skull.

10 essential albums for wintertime, part 2

Winter does indeed make me a sad bitch boy.

10 essential albums for wintertime

Causing comfort, and also discomfort, over the years.

GAMES, pure and simple…

GAMES makes you drive 80s Beamers and Lambos. Accept No Substitute.

Never Waking Up's top records of 2010, or something

Here's, like, 16 records, tapes, and singles I really liked from 2010.

Is there a channel that still plays music videos?

Let's get Flight on TV… RIGHT NOW.

Flight: the interview

I have a long-distance chat with Flight about recording, Mississippi, and White Zombie.

Now it's All Hallow's Eve

Here's a little early Halloween treat from yours truly.

Lee Noble, Our Star, The Sun

Lee Noble is creating hazy, organic music to burn your house down to.

A mixtape by La Station Radar

La Station Radar is killing the game right now. Cop this mixtape they made.

Ahhh… Skateboard Zombies Mixtape (WTF?)

This mix is the gift of the spaced out skull-gnawers who thrash too hard.

never waking up

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