new order

New Order Announces ‘Be Music’ Compilation Album

A collection from the band’s 1982-85 period as well as recent remixes.

Week in Pop: Francie Moon, Noumenal Loom, Shelf Life

Amber Arcades, Bam Spacey, Iconique, Yacht Punk, guest selections by Dinowalrus.

Memoryy Talks Cat Videos, Peeing His Pants, and New Music

“Best suited to be playing at the dance party freakout portion of a doggy-wedding reception.”

Week in Pop: IZE, Oreo Jones, Sam Vicari, vhs dream

Ranch Ghost, Ravi Shavi, Sam Humans, guest selections by Gigi Masin & Tempelhof.

Day For Night Festival

An evolution of light and sound in Houston, Texas.

Week in Pop: Confident Hitmakers, Guides, Shade

Bent Denim, James Roehl, Kristeen Young, ft. guest selections by Kool A.D.

Dinowalrus Re-Imagines Complexion

Peter Feigenbaum transports us to the songs that inspired the album two years ago.

Nausea – Craft Spells

It's an album of not-knowing, and that's fine, but sometimes we want an answer.

International – Lust For Youth

No longer a bleak lo-fi experiment, Lust For Youth is out for pop greatness.

Lust For Youth, “Armida”

The Denmark three-piece lose control on the album's second single.

Stream Patrick Cowley's School Daze

A collection of restored recordings found in the garage of a gay porn company.

Profligate, “From All Sides”

You can't call it techno when it harkens to New Order this splendidly.

Week in Pop: Drew Price's Bermuda Triangle, Lonesome Leash, Mister Suit, Trends

Exclusives from Mr. Price, Walt McClements, Garrett Jones, Marina Paiz, & more.

Week in Pop: 14KT, BLSHS, Bonfires, TLGLTP, Tropic Harbour, The Visibles

Karat talk, mascara sans vowels, Future Lives premiere, UK by CAN indie dreamers, SF pop debuted.

F M L Y B N D, “Far Away”

Santa Barbara's new big, bigger, biggest sound yet.

new order

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