new orleans

ZZZWalk, “Cold Dark Days”

Drinking and traveling and singing, all to forget.

Exclusive Premiere – 13 Dreams Debut Single “Prior’s Place”

Following radio spins by
John Kennedy
BBC Radio 1
s Huw Stephens
Phil Taggart
6 Music
s Tom
Steve Lamacq (as Featured Artist Of The Week)
recording sessions with Bill Ryder Jones
and Spring King
s Tarek Musa ensued
After a year of performing packed-out shows and numerous festivals
across UK and France
the trio found their way into the pages of style magazines such as
#7 Spotify viral charts
with last years floor filler
He Sings
They finished the year as part of
s Class of 2017
100 for 2017
14th most blogged artist of 2016
on the
Hype Machine Zeitgeist
end of year list.

Moonset out this fall

Caddywhompus, “Stuck”

Living up to their name with the first single from their upcoming sophomore album.

Pelican Pow Wow Pow Wow 2014

Pelican Pow Wow Records celebrates Independence Day with artists from their roster & some acts from Memphis.

Stream the Best Buds Split 7″ from Paco Tapes

Pope from New Orleans, r∆chel from Nashville, Nouns from Little Rock.

Premiere: Bent Denim, “Christmastime”

Tiles, thoughts, tears, and holiday time reflections from Ben & Dennis.

International Skyping with JJ Whitefield of Poets of Rhythm

A member of the German funk band talks digging in New Orleans and linking with DJ Shadow.

Imposition Tour 2013: Memphis to New Orleans, Austin

Down time in the Big Easy is good for the skin.

Brooklyn to Austin

Traveling from Brooklyn to Austin and photographing the buildings in between.

The 2013 Imposition Tour: Part Two

Memphis –> New Orleans –> Austin

Day off in NOLA and the drive to Austin: leisure reigns

Bourbon Street. Absinthe. Tony Clifton. State troopers. What's a buc-ee?

The New York vs. New Orleans Edition

New York rap giants go up against some not-so saintly New Orleans rappers.

Videodrone: Chris Rehm, “Coming Up Roses”

Using an analogue technique to create a true video drone.

DTH's mood music skience project

A glitchy mashup of "aleatoric" music, like The Books.

NOLA sissy bounce dance party

Out-New Orleans hangs out.

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