Newtown Radio

Skech185’s personal history of Chicago

Featuring a premier of a brand new track!

Courtship Ritual and Eric talk Disney and theater

The importance of amateur enthusiasm in making music.

Alaska and Eric hold a dad rap symposium

How to you stay so fresh when you have diapers to change?

Duncecap and Eric discuss home movies

Do you ever think about the artistry involved in selfies and how it differs from home movies? Ego vs Environment

Bass lines and no talking

No words now.  Only wobwobwob.

Lily Mastrodimos’ Punk Rock Childhood

Her parents were probably cooler than yours.

Eric and Miss Eaves bond as only children

Miss Eaves is one hell of a multidisciplinarian.

Mitski and Eric Talk Sailor Moon

We sat down for a very revealing and fascinating talk with the newest signee to Don Giovanni Records.

Eric plays Spice Girls Demos!

Yes, he really does.

Tigers and Fish and Cannibal Oxes

Eric focuses on some recent rap releases of note.

Eric plays the hits

Well, they’re not hits yet, but they will be, dammit!

Eric says G.L.O.S.S. Be Hot, G.L.O.S.S. Be Poppin’

This is for the outcasts/rejects/girls and the queers!

Best Music of 2014

Not a dream, not an SEO trick, this is legit the best music of 2014!

Eric is a party animal

Another wide range of music with a brand new Girlpool song

Eric Dilutes the Impose Brand

oontz oontz oontz oontz

Newtown Radio

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