Stefan Christensen, “I Am the Time Piece”

A sense of simmering frustration, imminent collapse.

Broken Water Disbands

“Auf wiedersehen,” they said.

Free Music, “Kool Toad/Great Music”

Pinball electronic arrangements via Night-People.

Week in Pop: The Fatty Acids, Free Music, HSY

Ballroom Cancer, Dionysian Mysteries, Salem Wolves, Zenith Myth, guest selections by Junglepussy.

Boy Harsher, “Modulations” + “Spell”

Two singles from two industrial dance innovators.

Broken Water, “1984”

Using public surveillance footage to visualize a song about surveillance culture.

Silent Girlfriend, “Chains”

A chilling message amid cold sound.

Broken Water work towards clarity

Kanako Pooknyw talks Olympia, Wrought, and the politics of investing in art.

Boy Harsher, “Pain”

Meet the southern darkwave duo gone north.

Broken Water, “Hi-Lo”

An appropriate song title for the genre-hopping Olympians.

The Inward Trajectory of Merchandise’s Carson Cox

As the band continues its ascension, Cox’s comfort zone remains intact.

Merchandising Merchandise

And coining a new word in the process.

That time Merchandise and Wet Hair went on tour

With a cameo by Peaking Lights and a show in a boxing ring.

The Best Music of April 2013

Truthfully, there were 11 records that could have been our #1 pick in April.

Featureless Ghost, “Cover of Night”

Introduce a burst of hazy color into your life.


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