Night-People, Tape Gun sampler

All your current and future favorite underground bands in one sexy download.

The Best Cassette Releases of 2013

The finest in live recordings, compilations, fanciful albums, and dick pics (NSFW).

Cindy Lee, Tatlashea CS

Dusting under the rug for a overlooked cassette hailing from Vancouver.

German Army, “Discrete Elements”

Prolific industrialists whose obscurity remains unobstructed in life without privacy.

Lantern, “Evil Eye”

No longer lo-fi, the Philly trio sound like Iggy Pop on acid and PCP equally.

PC Worship, “Like A Sponge”

The sultans of sludgy skronk are reupholstering their signature sound.

Jeremy Harris pka Lazy Magnet

Conducting his first interview a year short of retiring his 19-year-old moniker.

The Best Labels of 2012

We expanded to a Top 25 and still don't feel as though we've done justice.

The Best Cassette Releases of 2012

An unbiased and thorough exploration of the best plastic packages by our resident expert.

Premiere: Goldendust, “Far Away”

If Marshall Applewhite were alive to hear this song, it would be on all his mixtapes.

A one-sentence review for each of the ten new releases on Night-People

How could we choose? You can listen along.

Terror Bird's Human Culture fly-over

Float the debut album from the Vancouver duo.

Night-People's gotta new comp, Cola Heavy Nights

Today's hits and yesterday's favorites.

New: Ganglians, “Rats Man”


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