NNA Tapes

Chris Weisman answers our emails

The elusive songwriter talks Vermont, not playing shows, and how the Internet is actually slowing down culture.

Chris Weisman, “Backpack People”

Breathing in Vermont air with the backpack people.

Chris Weisman, “Don’t Be Slow”

Vermont winter landscape put down on tape.

Week in Pop: Cotillon, Negative Death, Safari Al, Taft, TIO

Featuring Bohkeh, Mobius, Tall Boys, Yumi Zouma, co-curated by Malportado Kids.

Stream Tredicci Bacci’s Vai! Vai! Vai!

Simon Hanes explores 1970’s vibes with his new project.

Year in Pop: 2014

Glancing and gazing back at a handful of the year’s highlights.

Sediment Club, “Rotten Roll”

A visceral, no-wave inspired piece of paranoia.

Week in Pop: Bogan Via, Jade TV, Lesionread, Tommy Toussaint

Blac Hollywood, Micah James, Pinecones, Post-Echo, SellOut! Music, co-curated by Girlpool.

The Best Labels of 2014

The United States of limited presses, analog cassettes, and split EPs.

Guerilla Toss, “367 Equalizer”

A video that only exists in a digitally primitive world.

Stream Horse Lords’ Hidden Cities LP

Seeking the lineage links of jazz fusion.

Stream Guerilla Toss’ Smack the Brick EP

Tossing in a few new members on the new EP.

Horse Lords, “Outer East”

Horse Lords is the new Neu!

Week in Pop: Great Valley, Huffer, LIYON, Lures, Mike Sempert

Brown Shoe, James Vernon, Sunflower Bean, The Mole People, Trak Joy, Vogue Dots, co-curated by Israel Nash.

Simon Hanes says he’s quitting Guerilla Toss to start an EDM project

Everyone’s favorite bassist/nudist trades Boston for Zurich.

NNA Tapes

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