Nocando, “Little Green Monsters” (feat. Liphemra)

Everything is everything in Los Angeles.

Milo, Busdriver, & Nocando, “Manchester”

Turning a cold shoulder to the locker room banter in rap music.

Milo, “Ecclesiastes”

The young philosopher's catchiest song to date is underscored with unfinished business.

Nocando, “All Over A Bitch”

Dumb this track down 10 more degrees and it's damn near treading on Chief Keef territory.

A night in LA with Open Mike Eagle

Open Mike Eagle sends us his view of what it's like to perform.

Milo, “Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc” (For Schopenhauer)

Heard it here first: rapping in Latin is the new humming "Om" while meditating.

Week in Pop: CCERULEANN, Dinowalrus, Hilly Eye, Nocando

We got your round up of heroes & villians, winners, losers and Chardonnay boozers.

Busdriver, “Werner Herzog” (feat. Open Mike Eagle and Nocando)

Kind of tough to not be labeled "art rap" with a song dedicated to film directors.

Week in Pop: Lord Tang v. Window Twins, Nocando, Quelle Chris, unhappybirthday

Presenting you pop the globe over, from the main stagers to the new former-unknowns.

Moon Block Party Desert Daze

Coachella sucks. Go to this instead.

Flash Bang Grenada remixed by Kenny Segal

No relation to Steven Segal, if you were wondering.

Flash Bang Grenada remix “I Can Teleport”

A Leimert Park legend (no Dom Kennedy) and a Leimert Park youngin' join them.

The best music of January 2012

Starting off the year with albums that will last.

Nocando's Zero Hour free EP

The god of Hellfyre does a bid, then drops an EP fresh out of jail.

Hellfyre Club Presents Veneris Nigrum

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over. Get back to not paying for shit.


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