not not fun

Week in Pop: Bad Cop, Crescendo, Deep Cuts, KINSEY

Crashing Hotels, Lascivus, SNS, Square Peg Round Hole, Technicolor Hearts, ft. guest Porches.

100% Silk turns five, releases compilation

Featuring tracks by Bobby Draino, Jupiter Jaz, Sapphire Slows, C.L.A.W.S., and more.

Cankun, “Words”

Remember 2011’s undocumented exotica phase?

Rangers return with Reconsider Lounge on Not Not Fun

Our lost traveler has returned with an old collection revisited.

Filthy Huns, “Ancient Hell”

A dusty minimalist rock tune from Daughters of the Sun’s Nick Koenigs.

Hear clips from NOT NOT FUN’S она знает больше чем думает

A new compilation of Russian and Ukranian solo female electronic artists.

True Lust, “Silk & Lace” (feat. Outlands)

Denver’s Dillon Morton’s former title of ‘Lust’ is elaborated with truth.

Doll Food, “Speed Freaks in Love”

Dream pop with an eerie twist.

Skeppet, “Den Nya Kusten”

Get into this Swedish vessel for an intergalactic ambient synthadelic jam fest.

The Best Music of April 2014

This month's best release was a guard at the gate, keeping the scum out.

Maria Minerva announces soon-to-drop new album and single

Testing the NY music waters.

Magic Eye's While We Were Recording mixtape

A mix of music the band was listening to during the Babylon sessions.

A look at Lmgrovllum label and sub-print grovl

An underrated minimal synth wave label deserving of your tape fetish attention.

Sapphire Slows, “Fade Out”

Mystical signs of life in these homemade beats.

We Ask Musicians: What’s your favorite John Carpenter score?

When it comes to spine-tingling 80’s horror scores, few can touch Carpenter and Howarth.

not not fun

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