not not fun

Week in Pop: A Lily, LX Sweat, The Starfolk, VUM

With exclusive remixes from Aïsha Devi and Paco Sala, insights from FatCat's James Vella, etc.

Group Rhoda, “Heart”

Turning a cross-stitched axiom into the mantra of self-discovery.

Week in Pop: FMLYBND, Hammered Satin, Keep Shelly in Athens, Sensual Harassment

Electric Santa Barbara underground, gonzo glam rock, recollecting with KSiA, "Capri Suntan" in 8mm.

Premiere: High Wolf, “Kulti”

A microscopic look into amoebas reacting to transcendental jams.

Jonas Reinhardt, “Jungle Jah” (Jupiter Jax Remix)

A remix fit for a re-imagined soundtrack to the sci-fi classic TRON.

Russian Tsarlag, “Plastic Door”

B-movie pop with a plot involving a haunted Medusa poster in the apartment complex basement.

Jonas Reinhardt's Android Friends mix

Reinhardt brings along his friends at Not Not Fun and 100% Silk for his contribution.

Xander Harris, “Night Fortress”

With a screenshot like this one, how can you resist watching the video?

The Best Music of February 2013

A month of desert punk, San Jose rap, Chicago ghettohouse meets G-Funk, and Nazi sympathizers.

Maria Minerva, “Fire” (feat. Chase Royal)

Post-punk with dub influence, meets dream pop, meets hip hop: just trust it.

Holy Balm, “Holy Balm Theme”

Get into that awkward funk.

Ether Island, “Season of Risk”

The most possible apocalypse we've seen all year.

Cankun, “Too Many Clouds”

An updated viewing of the Futurist Manifesto.

Spectrum Hunter's hidden wavelengths

Jon Clark's 31-minute multi-dimensional masterwork and the death of the LSD aesthetic.

Debut: Pharaohs, “Uhh Uhh”

Slam the big red party button and slide down Pharaoh's chute.

not not fun

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