Year in Pop: 2016

Compiled select interviews & insights from 2016’s Week in Pop editions at a glance.

Third annual Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival

The Odd Future crew’s festival returns with Rick Ross, Mac Miller, Diplo and more.

The Internet at SOBs

How did Syd Tha Kyd & producer Matt Martians meet? Via the Internet.

Freddie Gibbs & Madlib announce Piñata LP

The past five years of rumored collaborations pays off.

OFWGKTA Carnival 2013

OFWGKTA offers a carnival experience with performances by some huge acts.

Stream: Mellowhigh's self-titled debut

The collaborative record between Mellowhype and Domo Genesis.

Earl Sweatshirt at Bowery Ballroom

The 19-year-old rapper returns to New York City post Doris.

Week in Pop: Audacity, Blac Hollywood, Brandon Nickell, The Cloak Ox, Dazzletine, Little Band of Sailors

Fullerton reports, Vancouver vibes, memory art, Andrew Broder, P-burgh glam, & Rachel Mason's world.

Ladies First Edition

One lady to took the crown for the week, while another made claim in folly.

The Internet, Jade <3, and Denitia and Sene at The Paper Box

We found a cheap way to access The Internet offline at The Paper Box.

Tyler, The Creator and Earl Sweatshirt at Ace of Spades

Odd Future members play a sold out show in Sacramento on a Friday night.

Week in Pop: Beacon, HOTT MT, Jahzel, Richie, Steel Phantoms, Taught Abroad, We Are Temporary

Prayers for pop music, anecdotes from Queen Ashi Dala, sermons from Reverend Jahzel, + more.

Earl Sweatshirt, “Whoa” (ft. Tyler The Creator)

Does everything have to be one big cross-promo for Loiter Squad and Golf Wang gear?

Earl Sweatshirt, “Chum”

If this is Track 1 of the Sweatshirt sophomore album, we'll be plenty pleased.

Week in Pop: Lord Tang v. Window Twins, Nocando, Quelle Chris, unhappybirthday

Presenting you pop the globe over, from the main stagers to the new former-unknowns.


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