Leggy Talk Lana Del Rey Realism, and Jared Leto Disenchantment

The Cincinnati, Ohio outfit opens up over margaritas in Philadelphia.

SPORTS, “Clean Jeans”

A lighthearted visual for one of the best tracks on Sunchokes

Filmstrip, “Don’t You Know”

Uncommon knowledge about moments that matter.

Old Flame Records

Born of Ohio, this label is home to Potty Mouth, Shark?, Dinowalrus,  and early Cloud Nothings.

Stream Emily & The Complexes, Dirty Southern Love

Delivering complexes from Columbus, Ohio.

Stream Herzog's Boys

Transitions, maturation trials, etc.

CityCop, “X”

Ashtabula; Ohio's own 'X' factor.

Blueprint, “Respect the Architect”

Bustown's finest returns to his '98 form on latest release.

Premiere: Connections, “Cul de Sac” & “Tough City”

Kicking it barber shop styles with some of Columbus, Ohio's coolest cats.

Stream: Kittyhawk & Cherry Cola Champions split

Infectious affections and joyful noises in a world of static.

Stream: Connections, Body Language

Stream a Columbus, OH band's LP for the delightfully derelict.

The “Nosetalgia” Edition

Kendrick guests on the track of these week's top genius, but he misses the Top 5.

Envelope & Jacoti Sommes, “We're All Gonna Die Together”

Animation makes a song chanting "We're All Gonna Die Together" seem like great fun.

Monster Rally, “Honey”

The tranquility of a camping trip along the shoreline put to beats.

Hungry For a Three-Way

Making Cincinnati's local fat-fuck specialty at home.


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