olde english spelling bee

Alice Cohen’s house of mirrors

Department store pop.

Alice Cohen, “Backwards”

An outer-space meditation on materialism and identity.

Week in Pop: Lilly Wolf, Lisa Alma, Minden, Solai, Youryoungbody

Computer Magic, Land Lines, Pete RG, SCRNS, Two Cheers, with guest selections by Pony Time.

Ash Koosha, GUUD

Nano-compositions that access sound on the molecular level.

Alice Cohen, “Looking Glass”

Do cyborgs dream of electric pop?

Hangin’ with Todd by Matt Kivel

Fan fiction about the legend of Olde English Spelling Bee, as told by a Woodsist artist.

The Boxer & The Soloist with Matt Kivel of Princeton

Drawing parallels between boxing and performing solo; songwriting and training.

Alice Cohen, “The Lacemakers”

Dancing through a black & white woven world.

Alice Cohen's Mirror Ball Memories

Video recollections from the musician's time as the singer of a disco group.

Alice Cohen, “Cascading Keys”

Olde English Spelling Bee Artist makes her own Ouiji vibes.

James Ferraro's On Air snazzed up for re-release

Underwater People, heroes to all.

Greatest Hits do funky oddly with “Uptown Girls”

Decisions you made in a dark alley on government grade bear tranquilizer always end well.

Greatest Hits' free EP

Sounds just like Michael Jackson.

Your new Big Troubles

Sample bummer scuzz tracks from an Olde English Spelling Bee 7-inch.

James Ferraro, “Demon Channels”

Inspiring stop-motion brains, followup Justin Bieber/Soulja Boy collabs.

olde english spelling bee

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