Rocker Bree Talks Cult Past, Gospel Music, and Badassery

Rocker Bree sits down with IMPOSE.

Jared Mees on Tender Loving Empire’s Friends & Friends of Friends Volume 7

And premiering King Friday’s “Fol-de-rol”.

Stream U.S. Hard’s self-titled EP

Enigmatic, pulsing hardware techno from brand new Blankstairs signing.

Morning Ritual, “So Cold”

Wrapping up spring in a blanket of winter.

Tonight Sky, “Flight of the Falling Star”

Seattle producer drops a brand new intergalactic dance club climax in your ear.

Dropping Gems

The Portland-based electronica label named after a Gang Starr lyric.

Béisbol, “That Feeling”

Jeff and Ryan share sentiments and a series of "I'm tired"/ "you're tired" statements.

Bill Baird's Brief History of Major Label Blah

On being the band that cost $18.98, burrito runs in limos, and seeking DIY refuge.

Dirtnap Records 2012 sampler

The Portland, Oregon label slips a steady stream of pop punk and garage into your beverage.


Portland continues its blossoming fascination with African riddims.

Sahel Sounds

A Portland based label dedicated to West African cellphone recordings.

Pictorials, “Sense of Vanity”

We finally meet a Portland band who's not trying to weird us out.


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