permanent collection

Week in Pop: Future Generations, PANGS, Vritra, We Are Temporary

D/R/U/G/S, Everyone is Dirty, Hip to Death, Night Shapes, OIM Records, Paul Fonfara, guest selections by Jay Som.

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do: A Playlist

Featuring contributions from Cassie Ramone, Double Dagger, Doug Tuttle, and more.

Permanent Collection throw in the towel

We'll miss our friends in Oakland.

Imposition Tour 2013: Memphis to New Orleans, Austin

Down time in the Big Easy is good for the skin.

Permanent Collection, No Void EP

A four-song EP that creates a lemming effect towards traffic or head-banging.

Permanent Collection, “Kill”

A newly minted three-piece makes a more holistic sound than before.

The Chain Letter Interviews: SXSW Pt.III

The SXSW chain ends with Sam Flax, Burnt Ones and Warm Soda.

The Chain Letter Interviews: SXSW Pt.II

The chain continues with Weekend, Shannon & The Clams, Colleen Green and Levek.

The Chain Letter Interviews: SXSW Pt.I

Permanent Collection, Bad Cop, and Natural Child trade questions in Austin.

Day off in NOLA and the drive to Austin: leisure reigns

Bourbon Street. Absinthe. Tony Clifton. State troopers. What's a buc-ee?

Week in Pop: The Doppelgangaz, Kisses, Maxmillion Dunbar, Real Magic

Gather up the pets, families and share the accolades of this week’s winners.

Week in Pop: Brass Bed, Lusjoints, Supreme Cuts & Haleek Maul

Late night drives, festival drives and your weekly pop music madness.

Week in Pop: The Black Opera, Lightning Love, Picture

Like the summer bonfire smoke rising from the embers; you just can't stop the pop.

Week in Pop: Kleenrz, Liphemra, WEAVE!

The week's official leaks and post-holiday album streams.

Loglady Records

Taking the relationship to the next level: birthing a record label.

permanent collection

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