Listen to Pile’s set from the 2015 Austin Imposition

NYCTaper stayed up all night so you could hear this.

Pile is a phenomenon

Why is everyone so obsessed with Pile?

The 2015 Austin Imposition

Come spend three nights with us in Texas.

Stream Pile’s You’re Better than This

The New England band constructs and demolishes on new LP.

Tigers and Fish and Cannibal Oxes

Eric focuses on some recent rap releases of note.

Pile, “Mr. Fish”

At the heart of every Pile song lies a small yet full-bodied story.

Eric says G.L.O.S.S. Be Hot, G.L.O.S.S. Be Poppin’

This is for the outcasts/rejects/girls and the queers!

Pile, Krill, Swings, and Baked at Shea Stadium

Pile. Pile. Pile. Pile. Pile. Pile. Pile? Pile!!!

Pile, “#2 Hit Single”

Their first single is the second best. Apparently.

Cropped Out Festival 2014: Day 2

Cropped Out Festival continues with performances by the almighty Pile and legendary The Sun Ra Arkestra.

Big Neck Police is the trifecta we’ve all been waiting for

Still wondering if we should’ve thrown a Goiter Squad joke in there.

Seventeen days with Ovlov and Disco Doom

Ovlov & Disco Doom photograph their shows in the midwest and on the east coast.

Lyrical Hermeneutics with Pile’s “Special Snowflakes”

Offering 3,000 words on a song with barely 300.

EULA, Big Ups, Pile, and Courtship Ritual at Palisades

EULA releases a new seven inch and performs a solid show with two Brooklyn bands & one from Boston.

Cropped Out announces insane lineup for year V

Marking the first time you’ll ever say, ‘I can’t wait to go to Kentucky!’


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