Letters Live Makes U.S Debut

It’s a performance that first took place in London in 2013 and has since captured the imagination of the U.K. Now, Letters Live has established itself as a powerful and dramatic event, that invites some of the worlds best performers to perform a dramatic reading, in front of a live audience.

Two Gorgeous, Poetic Offerings To Brighten Your Day

World commentary.

On The Couch with Derrick C. Brown

The poet and Write Bloody Publishing founder opens up.

Workshopping Amar’e Stoudemire’s poem

It’s good, we just have a few notes.

VOWS, “Councillor”

Exchanges of beauty, passion, and power in an upstate NY gothic castle.

The End Of Brooklyn

An interview with Wonder's Ben Fama and Andrew Durbin.

Review: Richard Grossman's The Animals

A book of poetry written in animal voices. Find out what pandas are thinking.

What To Read (Right Now) XXXIV: Shallow

It's called "Let's Call Our Band the Yeah Yeah Yeahs."

What to read (right now) XXVIII: #PoetrybyEmilyDickinson

Not a revival, but a co-option.

What to read right now XXVI: The Consumed Guide

Classic Robert Christgau remixed.

Revolution will be Tumbl'd

Steve Roggenbuck's internet poetry manifesto.

What to read (right now) XIV

Look at this red banana seat bike; let's put our lips together.

What to read (right now) XII

Sleeping during Winter's Bone.

Is poetry now just for the freakazoid fringe?

The poems of Jared Lee Loughner, Charles Manson, and David Koresh.


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