2014 Festivals and Hype

Photographs from various festivals of all sizes in the US and abroad. Crowdsurfing not required.

CHLLNGR, “Form of Mix”

A collection that has informed the CHLLNGR sound since his punk touring days.

ATP Iceland 2014: Day 2

The second day of ATP Iceland featured Portishead, a reunited Slowdive, and more.

Stream: Azizi Gibson’s Backward Books EP

The Brainfeeder rapper utilizes the element of surprise on a new EP.

Young Magic, “V H S Mixtape”

Reminiscing about music discoveries through dusty VHS skate tapes.

The Tower of Light's life in first listen memories

Music is like muscle memory to the felte. recording artist from Michigan.

Perera Elsewhere, “Drunk Man”

Best understood in the now, rather than getting soft on nostalgia.

Liphemra, “Bloodwork” (feat. MED)

Getting to know the LA singer one haunting track at a time.

Four Sheets to the Wind in Brighton & Bristol

After sweating through customs, PremRock performs in Bristol and sips Budvar.

Week in Pop: Drew Price's Bermuda Triangle, Lonesome Leash, Mister Suit, Trends

Exclusives from Mr. Price, Walt McClements, Garrett Jones, Marina Paiz, & more.

Week in Pop: Hausu, Lace Curtain, Motorama, Pendentif, Spectrals

Portland scuzz, indie Russia, AU electro-rock, France's new nouvelle vague, & Heckmondwike by SF.

Anika's new EP with Geoff Barrow

The collaborators reunite for a baadassssss song and six-track EP

Go listen to Doldrums' Empire Sounds

Portishead's new favorite will also be yours.

Bago, “Bad On The Bottle” (Al Lover Remix)

Few things are sexier than downtempo trax about boozing and promiscuity.

Portishead announces North American tour

Thanks for waiting.


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