São Paulo punks Futuro

Preview two tracks from the upcoming Futuro II album.

Party Jail – Ed Schrader's Music Beat

The Baltimore post-punk trio craft little utopias imprisoned in a minimalist template.

SLAVVE, “Pity Party”

Announcing a singing to Bloodmoss Records.

Protomartyr Eats Brunch: Bloody Marys and bleak world views

Find out how they like their eggs.

Stream: Beth Israel, Dental Denial

The Austin three-piece see nothing wrong with invoking Chris Farley and Maya Angelou in song.

The Debauchees, “Rancid Dancin'”

A little number for the non-dancing introverts to live by.

Stream: Flaamingos' self-titled LP

The catchiest of shoegazey, post-punk to be taken at face value.

Walking Bicycles, “Badada”

Post-punk building tension towards the smooth center and ellipses.

The Mallard, “Crystals & Candles”

Another swan song from their sophomore record.


Former Weird Wives, turned Brooklyn dwellers unite for a post-hardcore assault system.

Pharmakon & Vår, “Passing The Space Inbetween” mix

Two Sacred Bones artists share the responsibility of selector.

Stream: Creative Adult's Bulls In The Yard EP

The North Bay punk outfit oscillate between two posts: hardcore and punk.

Stream: Screature, Screature LP

A Sacramento goth-post-punk record produced by Chris Woodhouse.

E S S, “Sugar Engine”

A harrowing soliloquy from a doomy Sacramento post-punk outfit.

Eat Skull, “Where'd You Go”

The Portland band sheds some of their scuzz and asks us not to say that.


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