prince paul

Week in Pop: ETA, Kristen Barredo, Micah E. Wood

Ben Ramazani, Darklands, Drawing Boards, Dream System 8, Eureka California, LUC B, Moon Racer, MC Paul Barman, guest selections by Hinds.

Latasha Alcindor, “Teen Nite At Empire”


Week in Pop: Babewatch, Cheshires, Dev Dapree

Blood Moon, Corey King, Empathy Test, Natural Child, guest selections by PWR BTTM.

Meow The Jewels meow purrrr rawwr

Meow meow meow, purrrrr, meow.

Restoring vintage tubes with RJD2

The producer talks equipment restoration and leaving behind sample-based music.

Dan the Automator & Del the Funkee Homosapien of Deltron 3030

They came back, they were always coming back.

Factor's “Woke Up Fucked Up” mix

Amen, brother. On so many levels, amen.

Run the Jewels at Webster Hall

Killer Mike & El-P are Run The Jewels. Their first tour ended in NYC with friends, family & fans.

Run The Jewels for a five-finger discount

El-P and Killer Mike want you to rob them blind.

EB7#9, Dropped Science

An instrumental hip hop record that snuck into our headphones undetected by the RIAA.

Prince Paul unearths unreleased horrorcore

Never thought I'd see the day I got nostalgic for horrorcore.

DJ Zedvantz Death Mix

Pool Party 2009, week 5

Let's have a mid-city fiesta

prince paul

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