pygmy shrews

Underground America 2014

Celebrating the photographers and performers at DIY spaces, small venues, record shops, and other locations.

Best of Portraits 2014

Sometimes we ask people to stand still.  These are the best of those times.

Pygmy Shrews at Death By Audio

All you people can go straight to hell.  Pygmy Shrews!

Ben Greenberg and Open Mike Eagle open their hearts

Interviews with our Rapper Of The Year & one of NYC's hardest working musicians and engineers.

Hubble returns to NNA Tapes

If you stay current on NASA news, you know we need a new Hubble record right now.

2012 Best of NSFW

Sometimes we get images that you shouldn't view at work.

Best of Shot By the Band 2012

We bring back Shot by the Band from the dead and now present the best photos we got!

Ben Greenberg Presents “Hubble Escape,” Now on Tour

The Midwest gets the Superposition experience.

Happy Birthday, Death by Audio

Watching the murals grow on the walls of the five year-old Brooklyn DIY venue.

Pygmy Shrew’s last hurrah (NSFW)

Goodbye Pygmy Shrews. Thanks for the music, the shows and, of course, the penis photos.

Pygmy Shrews Final Show at 285 Kent

Pygmy Shrews. All You People Can Go Straight To Hell.

Ben Greenberg of Hubble, Pygmy Shrews, and Zs

The epic guitarist on naming conventions, outer space, and Sandy Bull.

Halloween with K-Holes and Pygmy Shrews

Cropped Out again

Second year running for Louisville’s premier fringe festival

The Men at St. Vitus

pygmy shrews

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