rap genius

Google ain't havin' that with Rap Genius

Google was like "you ain't got no wins in mi casa".

Rap Genius Presents: Reading and Panel with Jean Grae, Adam Mansbach, Kevin Coval and Kiese Laymon

Authors, a poet and a rapper discuss writing and their first rap names.

Idiot Savant Edition

We wouldn't go so far as to call NORE or Cam'ron geniuses, but something close.

5 Dedications Edition

The #1 spot comes from Dedication 5, but it wasn't a Lil Wayne verse.

Ladies First Edition

One lady to took the crown for the week, while another made claim in folly.

Wet Hot American Summer Edition

5 degrees warmer than your average rapper.

Yeezy-On-Buildings Week Edition

Five lines worth projecting on the side of a building.

5AM in Every Rapper's Life Edition

"Early Bird Gets in the Top 5 Lines of the Week" was too long for the title.

Open Letter to Post-Racial America Edition

Getting at the snakes, bagels, Fox News, racist Hollywood, and the President this week.

No Accidents in Dopeness Edition

Surprisingly the Groaner of the Week was not a lyric from LL Cool J's "Accidental Racist".

The Digs and Disses Edition

Pitchfork, Huck Finn, and Jack Dempsey referenced in the rap game.

The Laugh Out Loud Edition

Ice-T, Coco, the Ohio State football program, and the Chi-Lites are in the cross hairs.

The Top 5: Holiday Edition

This week's winner keeps gracing our feature roller in the most humorous of manners.

The Top 5: Gluttony edition

After you've fed your face, digest on these hot bars.

The Top 5: Super Pac edition

Doublin' down with Sheldon Adelson.

rap genius

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