rap genius

Making the ordinary extraordinary

This week's Top 5 cover the hard-hitting; from BBQ sauce to bubblegum.

The Top 5: Heavy with 80's references

E.T., St. Elmo's Fire, and the Beasties go up against Boots Riley's afro.

BET Awards Cypher Edition

Good news: you don't have to go anywhere near BET to get the Cypher report.

From rosaries to gold ropes, we present the Top 5

From the bottom of Spin to the Top 5 in rap lyrics. How does he do it?

Flattery wins out this week

Find out how a reference to a VMA stunt led to the first three-peat winner of LOTW.

Raekwon, Lil Wayne and Jay-Z duke it out

Read on to see who claims that #1 spot on this week's Top 5.

The Top 5 ain't no joke.

Poetry Presidents of yesteryear say hello to Kendrick Lamar.

Five bars as clever as the Chief Keef vs. Andy Rooney Remix

This week features lessons in literary devices by Rap Genius and Fred The Godson.

Five genius lines less confusing than this photo

Dissing your former boss and jacking a beat from the Bawss.

The Top Five Lines of the Week, #5

This weeks’ bars features lessons in fashion and Neo-Babylonian Empires.

The Top Five Lines Of The Week, #3

A few legends and veterans prove to be far from ready to be put out to pasture.

The Top 5 begins with a tie

Rap Genius joins IMPOSE to break down rap's cleverest bars.

rap genius

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