remy banks

Year in Pop: 2017

A selection of compiled interviews, insights & editorials from 2017’s Week in Pop features.

Week in Pop: Fascinating, Pascale Project, WRITER

Barra Brown, Ensemble Economique, Noita, Rearranged Face, guest selections by Remy Banks.

Week in Pop: Burnt Palms, PURSES, Silent Wave, Western Medication

Brothers in Law, Crown Plaza, Great Pagans, Jesse R. Berlin, Leland Sundries, Pompeya, & Essaie pas.

Best Rap mixtapes, EPs, and free albums of 2015

A re:definition of the art form with each release.

Week in Pop: Asante Phenix, Happenin Summer, Sara Z, Wildfront

Cruzie Beaux, Future Twin, Holly Waxwing, Jackson Boone, guest selections by Show Me The Body.

Stream Remy Banks’ Higher mixtape

Queens re-imagined through squinty eyes.

Pipe Check: Musicians review smoking devices for 4/20

With Remy Banks, Ava Luna, Tripletrain, and Eartheater.

The Most Anticipated Albums of 2015

Now we play the waiting game.

Remy Banks, “7th Heaven (Interlude)”

An incomplete narrative and a glimpse into the life of the Queens rapper.

World's Fair, “Snow About 10 Feet”

Reminiscing about the cold before a summer tour.

World's Fair, Bastards of the Party

A posse record that hasn't gone this H.A.M. since Onyx's Bacdafucup.

Flatbush Zombies, The Underachievers, and Kris Kasanova at Red Hook Park

Brooklyn rappers perform a free show for the annual Summerstage series.

World's Fair, “96 Knicks”

Maybe the group could do a sequel about how Jeff Van Gundy tried to take down Alonzo Mourning?

Remy Banks, “GLDCHN” feat. Bodega Bamz

One of the kids from Queens steps out to let his chain swing.

Children of the Night's Shiny Suit Medley

Put your Rollies in the sky and wave'em side to side to these jams.

remy banks

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