Monster Treasure, “Wasting”

Fresh off the Stockton trio’s upcoming self-titled album debut for Harlot.

Stream: Stevie Nader's GRIT

The electronic soul musician is too buttery smooth for sandy grit.

A conversation with Korea-via-Sacramento duo Ssighborggg

Trans-Pacific synth-laden math rock. You're goddamn right.

Jesse K. Phillips, DEATHBED EP

Exploring bleak as an aesthetic through drones and the intimacy of darkness.

Premiere: Stevie Nader, “MF Dream”, Boywolf remix feat. Sean LaMarr

Deep into the Sacramento zeitgeist.

Pregnant, “FOREHEAD” (feat. Evelyn Quijas & Sean Ongley)

The latest version of Daniel Trudeau's project may be his best yet.

Alternate/Beginnings: Lee Bannon's Career Reboot

Impervious to stagnancy, Lee Bannon sought an alternate life to his hip hop upbringing.

Year in Pop: 2013

2013 revisited at a glance.

Michael RJ Saalman, “Cancerous”

Hymns to enrich one's morning.

Stream: Doombird, Cygnus

Central synthesizers in their most simple, elemental form via a new-neo-classicism.

Launch Music 2013: Day 2

This year's Launch Music Festival ends on 9/8 in Sacramento, CA.

Tim Glick of TV Ghost interpreted by Liz Liles of G.Green

Fixing a father son relationship through the interpretation of dreams.

Launch Music 2013: Day 1

We kick off this year's Launch Music Fest with a little Girl Talk (and more).

Deerhunter at Harlow's

Deerhunter embarks on a North American tour and start it on the west coast.

Jes Aurelius of Destruction Unit gets interpreted

Screature's Liz Mahoney employs her tarot skills to Aurelius' dream.


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