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Week in Pop: Night Shapes, Roz & the Rice Cakes, Self Care

bed., Blaketheman1000, Blush Face, Noah Engel, Spooky Cool, guest selections by Chad Valley.

Swanning, “Sleep My Pretties”

A song about taking back your life on Cynthia Schemmer’s solo debut.

All Dogs embrace the emotional

On the feelings and friendships that shaped Kicking Every Day.

All Dogs, “That Kind of Girl”

The battle between love and responsibility, both to oneself and to another, is a hard one to win.

Salinas Records

“Twelve years later, it’s still a simple operation: put out friends’ records and try not to get in the way.”

All Dogs Release Teaser For Upcoming Album, Kicking Every Day

It’s time to meet All Dogs, if you haven’t already.

Try the Pie, “Inevitables”

The intimate project inevitably becomes a full band.

The Best Labels of 2014

The United States of limited presses, analog cassettes, and split EPs.

Stream The Goodbye Party’s Silver Blues

Another stellar Salinas release.

The Goodbye Party, “Crossed Out”

From a forthcoming full-length on Salinas Records.

Outer Spaces, “You Left The Party”

Featuring a Q&A with Cara Beth Satalino.

San Francisco’s Joyride!

Personally endorsed by Radiator Hospital and personally interviewed by us.

Radiator Hospital, “Bedtime Story”

Sam Cook-Parrott just wants a bedtime story.

Swearin', “Dust In The Gold Sack”

Hanging out in an art studio because why not.

Swearin', “Watered Down”

A new contribution from Philadelphia's poppy greats.

salinas records

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