Seth Applebaum

Dazzletine, Railings, Terrible Terrible, and The Rizzos at Shea Stadium

Pittsburgh’s Dazzletine brought the glitter and glam to Shea Stadium last week.

Show Me The Body, Yung Gutted, Spewing Cum, and Garbage Brain at International Loft of Bushwick

We caught a Sunday night house show featuring bands from NYC & NJ in Bushwick.

Best Behavior, Surf Rock Is Dead, Haybaby, and The Rizzos at Union Pool

Celebrating their Good Luck, Best Behavior performs at Union Pool in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

The Mystery Lights, Acid Dad, and Jungle Green at Our Wicked Lady

We caught a free show at Our Wicked Lady with performances by psych and garage rock bands in Brooklyn.

Chimes, Pollen RX, SideA SideB, and Granny at Aviv

Crazy Pills were also scheduled to perform but had to cancel because of illness.

Weird Womb, The TeleVibes, Pink Mexico, and Vamanos at Shea Stadium

Now that I think about it, wombs are pretty weird.

Weed Hounds, Bueno, Big Huge, and Chimes at Shea Stadium

Bueno celebrate Assed Out with Weed Hounds and more at Shea Stadium.

Pizza Fest 2: Night 2

On the second night of Pizza Fest 2, there was a pizza piñata.

Pizza Fest 2: Night 1

Was there pizza at Pizza Fest 2? Click here to find out.

Turbosleaze, The Drinkers Themselves, and more at David Blaine’s The Steakhouse

Ronald McDonald meets the KISS Army in the steakhouse of David Blaine.

Nicholas Nicholas, Whitewash, NO SHOES, and The Britanys at Aviv

Celebrating Shibboleth, Whitewash perform at Aviv with Nicholas Nicholas and others.

Surfbort, Littler, Womps, and Turbosleaze at Shea Stadium

What better way to celebrate “Hump Day” than with four rad live acts at Shea?

The Obssessives, Mumblr, and more at Emerson House

First house show of the season?  No?  Let’s pretend for the sake of spring.

Modern Vices, Mike Kolb & The Bulbs, Linear Downfall and more at Palisades

We won’t make any jokes about how a band called “Modern Vices” performed on 4/20.

Garage rock America

The Mad Doctors travel to SXSW and back to NYC and musician/photographer Seth Applebaum documented their adventure.

Seth Applebaum

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